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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal Launches Project To Install CCTV Camera In Government Schools

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, along with his Deputy Manish Sisodia kicked-off the Delhi government’s CCTV project in the classrooms by inaugurating the scheme at Shaheed Hemu Kalani Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar & claimed it to be the first in the world where parents can access live CCTV feeds of their child studying in the class. Kejriwal also said that all the city government schools will have CCTVs inside the classrooms by November this year.

This is the first Delhi government school where CCTVs have been installed, not just on the campus, but also inside all the classrooms with a view to enhancing security.”A CCTV camera in the vicinity captured the crime and the culprit was caught within a few hours. If he had known he was being recorded by a CCTV camera, perhaps he would not have committed the crime. CCTVs not only serve to give us important evidence needed to nab culprits and ensure strict punishment, but they also create a system of deterrence. In today’s environment, when children step outside the house, parents are anxious about whether their child will return home safely. With this CCTV project, they can check during the day whether their child is safely inside the classroom,” Kejriwal added.


Accordingly, the live feeds of classrooms will be provided to parents of children through a mobile app. Parents will only be able to access the feed for their own child’s classroom using a password that they will be provided with by the school. He added, “There are some mischievous children in schools who disturb all other children. Some who leave for school from home, but then skip all classes. Now, these activities can be curbed. Children will have to maintain discipline and decorum in school. And as children do not come to school for any private activity but to learn, so privacy should not be a concern. By providing parents with a live feed of the classrooms, we are actually making the government accountable to you for every minute your child spends in our schools.”

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